Corpus and computer linguistics

Česká verze

Studies dealing with corpus and computer linguistics focus on the sphere of computer processing of the natural language from the viewpoint of linguistics (creating, tagging and using specialized language corpuses, creating algorithms). The group also deals with possibilities to use so-called data driven learning in teaching Czech as L2. Seminars take place every two weeks and are focused on enhancing knowledge from the sphere of creating corpuses (specialized corpuses, above all) and tagging corpuses (a deeper insight into problems relating to creating tools for an automatic morphological analysis and also to their meaningful use in linguistic research). For each seminar, a selected member of the group prepares a topic assigned for a presentation. The topics should: a. contribute to enhancing knowledge of wider relations among the topics treated in students’ dissertations b. to create space for academic communication and cooperation in the group.

Invited lectures and discussions are a part of the studies. Our guests were e.g.:

  • Vladimír Petkevič
  • Alexandr Rosen
  • Vladimír Benko
  • František Čermák
  • Magda Ševčíková
  • Lucie Chlumská
  • Lída Holá


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